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Quienes somos

Finsecpro Ltd. is a Finnish company providing comprehensive security and safety training and consultancy services. Since 1994, Finsecpro Ltd. has served as an industry leader in security training for both private and public sector clients. We have provided our services to international consortiums, airlines, airports, seaports as well as authorities in Finland and overseas. Our business is divided into six specific key areas:

1. Security screener training (basic and recurrent training, x-ray image interpretation training)
2. Security consulting (governments, authorities, airports, seaports etc.)
3. X-ray screening training (company mail, explosives recognition etc.)
4. DGR-training and consulting
5. Sale of avsec training/testing material as well as guarding equipment
6. Other security and safety training

Finsecpro's expert, certified instructors use customized and officially approved training modules, realistic training aids and a hands-on approach to provide our customers with the highest level of security training. We also work in partnership with security industry bodies and employers to ensure we are delivering the highest quality training in the market. Finsecpro Ltd. is IATA’s strategic partner.